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IC Boasts Literacy Fair Success

We had a wonderful turn out at the District Literacy Fair, and Irving College was very well represented! There were around 480 projects turned in at the school levels (half of those being IC projects) and 110 projects advanced to the district level. 
1st Place -
  • Jacob Graves
  • Chloe Williamson
  • Abram Stinson
  • Mrs. Heather Williamson's 4th Grade Class
2nd Place- 
  • William Carter
  • Anden Green
  • DeRae Kight
  • Jacob Holt
  • Natalie Lovell
  • Nate Williamson
  • Rose Simpson
3rd Place- 
  • Anyleik Fernandez
  • Hannah Corley
Thank you to everyone for all of your support during the Literacy Fair. Thank you to everyone that helped students complete projects.
Katie Spears,