Grade Levels

1st Grade

Gina Holt

Angelica Terrazas

2nd Grade

Jasmine Evans

3rd Grade

Betty Clendenon

4th Grade

Amelia Crouch

Morgan Frye

5th Grade

Heather Williamson

jennifer McMillen

6th Grade

Heather Williamson

jennifer McMillen

7th Grade

Andrea George

Gail Curtis

8th Grade

Gail Curtis

Andrea George


Heather Yates

Sherri Smith


Desiree Hobbs

Educational Support


Katie Spears

Physical Education

Colleen Burton

Special Programs

Chad Young

Counseling and Guidance

Heath Roberts


State of Tennessee Department of Education Model for School Counselors 

This a job description of what I do within our school.

 There are five main domains that I work from that the state feels are the most important.

1.  Academics including topics of college and careers, study skills and grades plus many more.

2.  Attendance including Tardies

3.  Personal issues and Prevention

4.  Social Issues and Prevention

5.  Behavioral Issues and Prevention


Lakeshia Tobbit

Instructional Coordinator

Danyelle Perry


Carol Roberts

Holly Ressel

Clubs and Activities

Student Council

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